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The Power of Prayer: Acts 12:1-25

Our study is in chapter 12, if you are like me it must have been hard to watch the news these last few days, if you turn on your cell phone you will get news alerts, maybe you watch it on television, maybe you listen to the radio daily, be it however you are aware in the world of news, the last few weeks have been very difficult, the week began with images of men and women trying to climb planes to escape Afghanistan, a country that is now being controlled by the Taliban. That was a name you hadn't heard in recent years, but now we're seeing this rema, the chaos, so we're starting to think about the Americans who are in Afghanistan trying to evacuate, trying to get out. We see our military trying to facilitate the evacuation even amidst all the complications and chaos, and of course we have the news of suicide bombers causing the deaths of 13 Americans in this service, we've only been seeing horrible things in the last two weeks, so we received another news that we have a hurricane coming, and as we see all this news: (what do we do when we have nothing here to do). We can't go there, we can't attempt a rescue, it's out of our reach, it's out of our control.

Below is the Translated Sermon PDF

Atos 12_1-25_o poder da oração
Download PDF • 216KB

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