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Atos 28: It's not over, folks!

Have you ever been to a movie and when it was over, you left the theater thinking it didn't end well? You knew how it was going to end and it didn't turn out the way you imagined. The moment you left your seat, walked through that door and got to your car, you thought you knew why it didn't end this way... there will be a sequel. At some point they will start the story right there and there will be another movie that will likely be released soon. How many ever had that thought? If you brought your Bible, turn to Acts chapter 28 again. I know Kory told you last week that we're! we're not done. I don't want to criticize Luke, and I'm sure I'm not criticizing the Holy Spirit, but this book just didn't end well. Do you agree? Kory and I have been talking about this for weeks and we're both on the same page. Usually, if we watch a show or movie, you know when it's over, because it says: End! But sometimes you're watching and you know the movie has to end at a certain point and you realize they're not going to finish the story, so you're not alarmed when the screen says "To be continued..." and then they switch to a commercial. or the movie ends.

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