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Miracle on Right Street: Acts 9:1-22

As we open our Bibles to Acts chapter 9, we will see a miracle that took place on a street, Rua Direita. Notice the first word in the verse 1...but. Says, "But, Saul..." Usually when we use 'but' in a sentence or the Bible is describing something and we read that word from three letters, we know there will be a contrast. We know the story to be continued. We continue from chapter 8, where we read about a persecution that has come upon the church and the church is being spread. Then we hear of one of the first deacons, Philip, who went down to Samaria to preach the Word of God and hundreds were saved. And then God led out of the city to Gaza on the main road to the Egypt. He met an Ethiopian man sitting in a carriage gold-leaf reading her Bible. He had gone to Jerusalem to worship and didn't know who the person was in Isaiah chapter 53. Philip took Isaiah and other scriptures to preach Jesus to him. The next thing we read was that the water appeared and the Ethiopian wanted to be baptized. they went down on water and Philip sank it. Philip was taken away, and the Ethiopian followed his way rejoicing. And now, Luke says, "But Saul..."

Below is the Translated Sermon PDF

Atos 9_1-22_Milagre na rua direita
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