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A note from Pastor Ricky

I am so excited to be back on bank of the Amazon River in Parintins with all of you, my Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Through the many years that I have been with you, you have made me feel like the Amazon River is my second home! Besides the honor of being the pastor of Hardin Baptist Church and teaching the saints of God at Hardin, being the Professor of the River Bank Bible Institute is my greatest privilege.

Over the next several days we are going to be studying the book of Acts together. Because of your desire to study God’s Word with me, Hardin Baptist Church is also launching, while I am here teaching you! will be bringing to you the preached sermons of Hardin Baptist. At Hardin, I have the honor of sharing the pulpit ministry of Hardin with my son, Dr. Kory Cunningham. And with the help of translators, our sermons are now going to be available to you in your language of Portuguese on this website.

At the end of each day’s teaching at the River Bank Bible Institute, you can come back to and read the full transcript in Portuguese of the actual sermons that Kory and I preached at Hardin on the book of Acts. I pray that each of us as pastors and church leaders will be strengthened with the launch of this new digital ministry!

I am so excited to open the book of Acts and canoe through it with you! I know you will have your notebook and pen ready to write down as many notes as you can while I teach. I also hope to be able to converse with you a little in your language of Portuguese. And get a big hug from you, it's been 2 1/2 years since we have seen each other!

Because of God’s Grace,

Pastor Ricky


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